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What is START-UP NY?

START-UP NY helps you start, expand or relocate your qualified business to a tax-free zone in New York State.

Zero taxes for 10 years
Pay zero taxes for 10 years

No business, corporate, sales, property, state or local taxes and no franchise fees. And no income tax for the company or its employees. Ten full years of savings.

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Access Top Talent
Access top-talent college and university resources

Setting up on campus gives you immediate access to state-of-the-art facilities and talent.

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Expansive Infrastructure
Connect with an expansive infrastructure with national and global access

Major-market proximity, cost-efficient energy and an expansive infrastructure with national and global access are a few of the unique benefits New York has to offer.

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Governor Cuomo Announces 17 More Businesses Choose to Expand or Locate in New York State Under START-UP NY


Who is START-UP NY for?

To participate in the START-UP NY program, your company should:

Relocate to or expand within New York State, align with a college or university's academic mission, create new jobs and contribute to the economic development of the local community.

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START-UP NY is one of many business
incentive programs offered by New York State.
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New York State
Key Industries

The industries beloW are not ELIGIBLE to participate in START-UP NY:

  • Retail and wholesale businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Law and accounting firms
  • Medical or dental practices
  • Real estate management companies/brokers
  • Hospitality
  • Retail banking
  • Utilities and energy production

Data centers and back offices within any of the above industries could be accepted.


START-UP NY is one of many business incentive programs offered by New York State.

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If you are opening or already running a small business
and are in need of assistance, please call 1.800.782.8369.

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Why New York?

Classic Upstate NY Middle Class Town

Lower Taxes

The lowest tax rate for the middle class in 58 years. Plus, no other state offers a tax-exclusion program as broad as START-UP NY.

College Graduate Waving and Smiling in a Crowd

Diverse and Talented Workforce

New York State has the second largest population in the U.S. of adults who have four or more years of college. We also rank #2 among states for the highest number of resident scientists and engineers.

Man in Research Lab with Beakers

Robust R&D Spending 

New York State continues to be exceptionally strong in academic R&D and innovation. NYS ranks #2 in the nation in academic R&D expenditures, split almost evenly between upstate and downstate colleges and universities.

NYS Bridge and Barge in Water

Accessible Supply Chain and Infrastructure

Abundant raw materials and major-market proximity, all accessible by superior highways, rail, airports and ports.

Windmill Farm

Cost Efficient Energy

New York provides some of the nation’s lowest natural gas prices, and also ranks high in wind and clean technology patenting.

People Biking Over the Hudson River

Great Quality of Life

With easy access to everything from thriving arts and culture, to bustling nightlife, to outdoor activities among forests, mountains, lakes, rivers and the Atlantic Ocean, New York offers endlessly diverse options for recreation and enrichment.

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How does START-UP NY work?


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New York State has 10 diverse regions offering everything your business can need. Find the region that’s best for you.


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